Lantana Plant: Wonderful Daring And Good Flowers

The Lantana plant is a broadleaf evergreen shrub that may be grown as a perennial in hotter climates, whereas in colder climates, it is going to be grown as an annual and even as a houseplant. Trailing lantana species look spectacular in hanging baskets that may be grown outside for a part of the yr and introduced indoors throughout the winter in areas with frost. 

Lantana vegetation additionally make an important addition to the panorama as a groundcover due to their development behavior and the best way they unfold. They’ll shortly fill in an space and suppress any potential weed development. Lantanas are primarily grown, nonetheless, for his or her showy flowers. Lantana flowers are recognized to draw butterflies and hummingbirds. 

The flower colours vary from purple, orange, yellow, pink, and purple. They produce little clusters of flowers known as umbels as a result of they’re umbrella-shaped. Umbels are notably good at attracting pollinators as a result of they supply a big touchdown pad for pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds but in addition small particular person flowers for the tinier pollinators like sweat bees, wasps, and hoverflies. 

Lantana foliage additionally has a pungent scent that has been described as fermented citrus or gasoline. The scent is launched when one thing brushes in opposition to the lantana leaves. This scent will even attract pollinators which can be drawn to their flowers. Lantanas are native to tropical areas in Africa and Central and South America. For that reason, they’ll survive scorching climate and are drought-tolerant as soon as established. 

This makes them an important alternative for xeriscaping and desert areas. There’s some warning for use, nonetheless, as many are starting to ask: Is lantana invasive? Lantana camara is the preferred species you’ll encounter. In some areas, L. camara, due to its aggressive development behavior, tolerance of poor soil circumstances, and talent to hybridize with native lantanas, is taken into account invasive. 

For that reason, sterile varieties are being produced as floor cowl vegetation to ban the unfold and destruction of native species. That is one thing to contemplate once you determine to plant lantana. 

Fast Care Information

Lantana plant
Lantana plant produces flowers which can be like little bursts of fireworks. Supply: Ann HS
Frequent Title Lantanas, shrub verbenas
Scientific Title Lantana camara
Household Verbenaceae
Top & Unfold 5-6 toes tall and 4 toes broad although there are smaller dwarf varieties
Mild Full solar
Soil Can survive in most soil varieties, prefers barely acidic soil and well-draining soil 
Water Water repeatedly till established. Established vegetation are thought-about to be drought tolerant
Pests & Ailments Lace bugs, whiteflies, spider mites,  root rot, powdery mildew

All About Lantana Crops

Mixed Lantana camara flowers
Every cluster of lantana camara flowers can have a number of colours. Supply: miguelang_ldb

Lantana is native to the tropical areas of South Africa and South and Central America. For that reason, lantana thrives in scorching and humid areas. There are lots of totally different lantana varieties, however their care necessities are all very comparable. 

Lantana camara is the commonest selection amongst gardeners. This perennial flowering plant places on a present with its purple, orange, and yellow flowers which can be recognized to draw butterflies and hummingbirds. Many select to develop lantana flowers for the very particular purpose of attracting these guests to their yards. 

Lantana grows like a small shrub. Within the hotter climates of USDA zone 7 and above, lantanas can be grown as a perennial. In different areas, folks develop lantana as an annual or as an indoor houseplant. Lantana flowers don’t bloom over winter, however the plant will placed on new development at the start of the rising season. Many gardeners are planting lantana within the panorama to be used as a groundcover due to the best way it spreads out because it grows. 

Sorts Of Lantana

There are over 150 species of flowering perennial vegetation within the verbena household of which lantana belongs to.That being stated, there are a number of lantana varieties which can be fairly fashionable. 

Lantana trifolia, also called popcorn lantana, is understood for its comparatively small and vivid clusters of lantana flowers. Lantana montevidensis, or trailing lantana, has branches as much as 12 inches lengthy and is fashionable for hanging baskets or window containers. 

Wild lantana, Lantana urticoides, is present in Texas. These emit a pungent scent from their leaves. Lantana camara, also called West Indian Lantana, is the preferred species which incorporates a number of varieties reminiscent of “Ham and Eggs” and Miss Huff.”  Lantana care necessities are the identical for all of these kind of lantana.

Caring for Lantana

L. camara
L. camara is available in an array of various shades. Supply: Andres Bertens

Look after lantana is straightforward, although they do have just a few necessities that must be met. They’re comparatively low upkeep and tolerate drought as soon as established. You’ll be able to develop lantana flowers within the backyard or in containers. Learn on to learn how to develop lantana! 

Solar and Temperature

Place lantana vegetation in a sunny location with at the least 6-8 hours of direct daylight per day to assist your lantana flower. Lantanas will also be grown in partial shade, which might be useful in areas with excessive warmth. Nonetheless, you’ll get fewer flowers. 

Lantana is a young perennial that can’t survive a frost, until you’re rising lantana species of their native vary. It may be grown as a perennial in USDA zones 7 and above. In colder climates, it is going to be grown as an annual. In any other case, it can must be introduced inside earlier than chilly climate arrives. 

Rising lantana vegetation is best in heat climates, the place temperatures keep above 60 levels Fahrenheit. These vegetation thrive in harsh circumstances and may flourish in drier climates with very poor soil. They’re a preferred landscaping alternative in desert climates because of this. Some forms of lantana are thought-about invasive in elements of Australia, Florida, Hawaii, and Texas. 

When you take care of lantana, when you’ve got issue assembly its temperature necessities outside, concern not. Lantana will also be grown as a home plant! The trailing lantanas look particularly beautiful in hanging baskets. They will also be grown in window containers which may simply be moved indoors in areas that obtain frost.  

Water and Humidity

It’s greatest to water lantanas within the morning earlier than the warmth of the day units in. Newly planted lantanas require frequent watering, however as soon as established, they’ll require little upkeep, and a superb soaking as soon as every week can be sufficient to maintain them completely satisfied. Their watering wants will differ in areas with excessive humidity vs dry climates. 

In intervals of extraordinarily scorching climate, and particularly in arid areas, chances are you’ll need to water them each different day, relying on the forecast. In areas with greater humidity, they are often watered much less typically. In the course of the rising season, they’ll naturally want extra water than they do throughout the winter months. 

Inserting these vegetation alongside a drip irrigation line makes it simple to regulate their water wants based mostly on the climate and time of yr. They’ll even tolerate salt spray, which makes them supreme for planting close to the ocean.  


White lantana
Even white lantana sparks visible curiosity. Supply: Pensive look

Lantanas are tolerant of many soil circumstances. Nonetheless, they do want barely acidic soil. Nicely-draining soil can also be a should. This may be achieved with the addition of amendments reminiscent of pine needles or espresso grounds. Nonetheless, this isn’t mandatory since lantanas are extraordinarily adaptable. 

In notably dry climates, mulching across the base of the plant can assist retain moisture and enable you to go longer between waterings. That is very true when planting lantanas in sandy soil, which is so well-draining that it has bother retaining moisture. 

Whenever you’re rising lantanas in containers, make sure you use high-quality potting soil. Potting soil mixes made for azaleas might be blended with common potting soil at a ratio of 50-50 to supply the acidity that lantanas want. Should you’re involved in regards to the ph ranges of the soil you should purchase a soil ph tester to assist make the mandatory changes. The perfect ph stage for lantanas is between 6-6.5. 

Fertilizing Lantana

Though it isn’t required, lantana vegetation might be given a light-weight dose of a balanced liquid fertilizer. One might assume that if some fertilizer is nice, then much more have to be higher, however an excessive amount of fertilizer might inhibit their total flower manufacturing. 

Fertilize lantana in early spring earlier than new development seems simply as soon as to assist your lantana flower with out hampering the method. Lantana will just do wonderful, nonetheless, with none fertilizer in any respect. A easy prime dressing of compost at the start of every season will suffice as effectively. 

Pruning Lantana Crops

Older vegetation can profit from common pruning as they could develop scraggly with thick, woody stems. Common pruning will even encourage branching. To encourage reblooming, lantanas profit from deadheading their spent blooms. 

Moreover, overgrown vegetation might be in the reduction of by one-third to encourage new development within the early spring. At all times be certain to sterilize your pruning shears between vegetation to stop the potential of spreading illness from one plant to a different. 

Lantana Propagation

Non-sterile forms of lantanas produce small berries because the plant finishes its flowering cycle. Should you enable these berries to dry on the plant, you’ll be able to acquire them and save the seeds inside. Lantana seeds germinate erratically, taking anyplace from 14-120 days to germinate. For that reason, essentially the most dependable methodology of propagation is by taking cuttings from a longtime plant. 

Take a reducing slightly below the leaf node and take away the decrease foliage from the underside 4 inches of the stem. Place the reducing in water, and it ought to have notable root development inside 3-4 weeks, at which level it may be planted into soil. 

Since some forms of lantana are thought-about to be invasive, there are additionally hybrids which can be sterile and won’t produce seeds. Propagation through cuttings can be your best option with these varieties. In supreme circumstances, mound layering or just popping a contemporary reducing within the earth in spring or fall will propagate the plant. 


Lantana camara
Lantana camara actually pops within the backyard. Supply: Fernando Sa Rapita

Lantana are comparatively trouble-free, and even the commonest pests have a tendency to depart them alone, however there are some potential purple flags to look out for when rising them. Learn on to discover ways to spot the warning indicators and find out how to rectify any points that will crop up. 

Rising Issues

Most rising issues come up when watering and lightweight necessities are usually not being met. In case your lantanas are usually not flowering then chances are you’ll need to enhance water. Equally, in the event that they aren’t flowering, then chances are you’ll need to transfer them to an space with direct solar and well-drained soil. Rising lantana is simple as soon as these two fundamental wants are met. Present them with the appropriate steadiness of water and lightweight, and your lantana vegetation will flower for years to return! 


Frequent pests that have an effect on lantana vegetation embody lace bugs and whiteflies. Signs of lace bugs will seem as foliage turning gray or brown after which dropping off the plant. Sooty mildew is a situation that causes black discoloration on the leaves and is most frequently attributed to insect pests, reminiscent of whiteflies. Insecticidal cleaning soap can be utilized to deal with each of those pests. 

Spider mites are widespread for lantana vegetation grown indoors. They like a heat, dry setting with low humidity. An excellent preventative methodology is to extend humidity round your houseplants. The primary indicators of mites can be tiny holes within the lantana leaves or small yellowish spots on the foliage. It’s possible you’ll even discover tiny internet clusters on the leaves as effectively. 

If these mites have already appeared, however there’s little to no harm to the plant, they’ll probably be manually eliminated with a forceful spray of water or wiping down your vegetation with a humid material. If the infestation is extra critical, then insecticidal cleaning soap or natural pesticides containing pyrethrins might be efficient at eliminating all of the spider mites. 


Rot and mildew are the primary ailments that may have an effect on your lantana vegetation. The signs of root rot will seem as a tender mushy stem, wilting, and naturally, rotten roots. This sort of rot is extra widespread in lantanas planted in containers however may have an effect on in-ground vegetation. Root rot is more durable to get better from however might be remedied if there are nonetheless contemporary, white roots on the plant that haven’t but turned to mush. 

For potted vegetation, in the reduction of the rotted roots and plant them right into a pot of dry soil. For in-ground vegetation, stop watering and let the bottom dry out fully earlier than watering once more. Then work on rising the drainage of the soil. 

Powdery mildew will seem as a white flour-like powder on the leaves. Powdery mildew is attributable to a fungus that may take maintain in particularly scorching and humid climates. An excessive amount of moisture splashed on the foliage throughout watering can contribute to points with powdery mildew. To forestall these points, at all times backside water your vegetation. Inserting them alongside drip irrigation makes that easy. 

Neem oil might also be sprayed as a preventative measure to cut back the colonization of spores on the foliage. In superior circumstances of this mildew, it could be greatest to take away and destroy the contaminated plant materials to stop it from spreading to close by wholesome vegetation. After eradicating contaminated plant materials, spray neem oil or a liquid copper fungicide onto the rest of the vegetation and close by vegetation to cut back the danger of additional unfold. 

Regularly Requested Questions

Bright lantana flowers
Vibrant lantana flowers. Supply: Pensive look

Q: Will lantana come again yearly?

A: Sure, lantana is a perennial plant. 

Q: Why is lantana an issue?

A: There are over 130 species of lantana, and most are usually not thought-about to be invasive. Lantana montevidensis has turn out to be naturalized in California, and due to its capability to unfold aggressively, choke out native vegetation, and develop in dense thickets, it has come to be classed as invasive in Florida, Hawaii, New Caledonia, New Zeland, and Australia. 

Q: How toxic are lantanas?

A: All elements of the lantana plant are toxic. Keep away from planting them in areas the place young children and pets might come into contact with them. 

Q: Is lantana annual or a perennial?

A: Lantana is a perennial in USDA rising zones 7 and above. It’s generally an annual plant in cooler climates. 

Q: How lengthy will lantana final?

A: They may bloom from late spring into early fall. In frost-free climates, they could bloom later into early winter. 

Q: Is lantana toxic to the touch?

A: Sure, the hairs on the leaves could cause contact dermatitis and minor pores and skin rash. It’s best to put on gloves when working round lantanas. 

Q: Do lantana vegetation repel mosquitoes?

A: Whereas the plant itself doesn’t repel mosquitos, the oils inside do. Like many different vegetation within the verbena household, these oils give off a scent that repels mosquitoes. You would need to bruise and extract the oils and spray them in an space to thrust back bugs.  

Q: Is lantana toxic to canines?

A: Sure, it’s toxic to canines and cats. 

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