How To Protect Eggs For Later Use

Hen farmers profit from realizing find out how to protect eggs! Realizing find out how to hold recent eggs for longer is a good ability, whether or not it’s a surplus or a scarcity. With so some ways to protect eggs, there’s positively not less than one that you just’ll like. 

Say you’ve got a few dozen eggs coming out of your coop per week. You possibly can shortly eat recent eggs from the farm to stop spoilage or protect them for later use. The latter additionally helps with the drop in egg manufacturing for laying hens within the winter months.

Realizing primary methods and different egg preservation strategies is vital, and working towards them isn’t simply instructive – it’s enjoyable! Some strategies are finest suited to eggs utilized in baking, and others hold a recent egg recent. 

Right here, we’ll cowl preserving eggs, why folks do that, and find out how to do totally different strategies at residence. 

The Objective of Preservation

Farm fresh eggs to preserve
Use farm-fresh eggs moderately than pasteurized for complete preservation strategies. Supply: 1010 Local weather Motion

Hen farming is as outdated as agriculture, with archaeological proof of domestication relationship to over 8000 years in the past in Southeast Asia. Initially, preservation was a matter of necessity. Till the World Conflict II period, there have been no residence fridges and freezers. People developed methods to maintain their eggs recent for longer. Many strategies, like salt preservation, pickling, or canning, originated the place hen domestication started.

Preservation happens for the 2 causes we’ve talked about: both a surplus of eggs or entry to eggs when manufacturing naturally declines. There are additionally culinary causes for preserving recent farm eggs. 


Preservation lets you have recent or frozen eggs at your disposal for a very long time. Utilizing totally different strategies, you may retailer and use eggs in a means that gives meals with totally different textures and taste profiles. These strategies prevent some prolonged labor and time. As a substitute of looking for somebody to take your further eggs, you’ve got them out there for use as wanted.   

Potential Downsides

One of many points that come up is meals security. We’ll focus on this in additional element later, however sure preserved eggs require totally different processes to stop meals poisoning. One other problem is storage. Perhaps you’ve bought tons of eggs, all the pieces it is advisable protect them, however no area to maintain them; maybe you’re residing on a homestead with out fast entry to facilities. This could make buying supplies troublesome or time-consuming. 

Many strategies require recent eggs that haven’t been washed. Some you may perform with store-bought eggs. The overwhelming majority of the strategies we’ll focus on listed below are for hen farmers who frequently take care of recent batches of eggs. Nonetheless, we’ll focus on just a few you are able to do with store-bought eggs. 

Some additionally require that you just use hen eggs, as different sorts of eggs might not be laid in an space as clear as a regularly-maintained coop. Cleansing them can generally disrupt the method of preservation. 

Methods To Protect Eggs

Eggs in pickled beet juice
Pickling eggs requires warning however will be very tasty. Supply: osiristhe

Now that we’ve mentioned the advantages and downsides of preserving eggs let’s study the strategies intimately. We’ll contact on meals security first after which get into the specifics of every. 

A Phrase On Meals Security

There isn’t any assure that dehydration will adequately kill micro organism that may stay in dried eggs. Subsequently, whereas we cowl this methodology, know it’s not assured to be protected. In the event you’re going to dehydrate, prepare dinner the eggs first and use them shortly, conserving them in a really dry place. 

All the time use clear implements – sterilized if potential. You might must sterilize some preservation liquids to stop infiltration and proliferation of micro organism. Whereas some strategies are sterile by nature of their chemistry, others require extra cautious meals storage. 

All the time use warning when canning and preserving any meals!

Dehydrating Eggs

In a business egg dehydration operation, sure processes forestall micro organism from stepping into the completed product. Despite the fact that it’s troublesome to make sure the identical at residence, let’s focus on find out how to dehydrate eggs. 

Crack all of your eggs right into a blender or bowl to be slowly scrambled. Take the low-scrambled eggs, and dry-cook them in a pan with out oil or butter. Prepare dinner them till they’re fluffy and considerably dry. Then, place them in a dehydrator at 140° F for 18 hours, or till they snap in half and are fully dry. 

Make an egg powder by grinding the dehydrated eggs in a espresso grinder or spice grinder. Throw in a food-grade silica gel about midway by way of the grind to maintain your eggs dry in storage. Retailer the powdered eggs in an hermetic container in a cabinet for as much as 6 months. All the time test the eggs for mould or unusual odors earlier than utilizing them. 

One generally reported problem with this methodology is the powdered eggs are edible however don’t have the perfect taste. 

Freezing Eggs

There are two methods to freeze eggs. The primary and best is to scramble them and freeze them in batches in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Thaw and prepare dinner them in oil as wanted later. Retailer them in freezer baggage to extend their life and stop freezer burn. They’ll final about 2 to 4 months this fashion and are finest when used immediately. 

Alternatively, start making scrambled eggs in a blender on low. Then pour the eggs evenly into sections of a muffin pan or ice dice tray (ideally product of silicon for ease of extraction) and freeze them. Take away them from the trays and retailer them in freezer baggage within the freezer for as much as 1 12 months. Thaw them to make use of in cooking and baking as wanted. 

Freeze Drying Eggs

Reconstituted freeze-dried eggs
Freeze dried eggs look odd however style tremendous when reconstituted. Supply: Jeff Hester

One other technique to have powdered eggs is to freeze-dry them. Freeze-dried eggs require a house dryer. Mix the eggs on low in a blender. Pour them evenly into the dryer tray and place them in your freezer. 

Permit the liquid eggs to freeze in a single day, then place them within the freeze-dryer. Insert the insulating slip, and dry them wherever from 20 to 24 hours or till they’re fully dry. Make egg crumbles out of the sheets, or powder them simply as you’d dehydrated eggs. 

Preserve these eggs saved in a mason jar to make use of inside just a few days. If you wish to hold them longer, drop an oxygen absorber within the jar, seal it, and retailer it in a darkish, dry cabinet. You may as well use a vacuum-sealed jar to retailer freeze-dried eggs. 

Oil Preservation

One attention-grabbing technique to protect uncooked eggs is to dip them in mineral oil. The oil coats the shell, sealing the pores that may in any other case enable the egg to breathe and spoil over time. For this methodology, it is advisable warmth the oil forward of time to 180° F for 20 minutes earlier than coating the eggs. Have some gloves helpful for this one, and use eggs which have been laid inside the final 24 hours. That’s proper! We’re speaking about find out how to retailer recent eggs. 

Put a number of the sanitized oil in your gloved hand. Coat eggs in mineral oil and place them in packing containers or again within the carton pointy aspect down. Each week, flip your complete carton over to maintain the yolk intact. Eggs preserved in mineral oil will be stored at room temperature for 3 months. Retailer them between 65°F and 68°F at 75% humidity in a darkish place for six to 9 months, or retailer them within the fridge for 9 to 12 months. 

After coating eggs in mineral oil, you may’t use them in desserts as a result of the method modifications the foaming potential of egg whites. Equally, over time oil preservation can change the flavour of the egg, making it lower than fascinating as a result of oil going rancid. Use the identical course of with coconut oil to stop foul flavors.

Pickling and Canning Eggs

There are risks concerned in consuming pickled eggs as a result of there isn’t any means to make sure botulism doesn’t develop within the canning or pickling resolution or the eggs themselves. It’s vital to maintain them within the fridge in the course of the storage interval of 4 months.

To pickle them in vinegar, you’ll want cooked eggs – hard-boiled and peeled. You’ll pickle complete eggs by way of salt brine fermentation, a type of lacto fermentation (like the type carried out with the Kraut Supply package in our retailer). Make a brine of 1 cup of vinegar to 1 teaspoon of salt. Then put together your sterilized jars, packing them with all of the eggs you’ve boiled. 

Pour the brine over, add spices and taste parts to taste the eggs, and seal the jars for 1 to 2 weeks. Then take pleasure in! Duck eggs, quail eggs, and goose eggs are good for pickling too. 

Salt Preservation

Salt cured egg yolks
Salt-cured egg yolks. Supply: skrubtudse

Preserve an entire egg recent with salt, animal shortening, and a foam cooler. A big cooler and a gradual strategy are finest when you have a ton of eggs. In the event you simply have just a few eggs you’d wish to protect, a smaller container is simply tremendous. 

Line the underside of your cooler with salt, masking the underside so the eggshells gained’t contact the cooler inside. Then cowl every egg in shortening, and place them in a single layer on prime of the salt. Add one other beneficiant layer of salt. 

When you’ve got many dozens to protect, perform the method for a number of days, laying one degree per day. Between these shifts, place the cooler lid securely on. Preserve it in a cool, dry place for about 3 to 4 months. These eggs are finest suited to baking because the salt will dry them barely over time.

Salt-preserving egg yolks enable the “good micro organism” to proliferate, whereas “unhealthy micro organism” can’t trigger spoiling. Separate your whites out of your yolks. Flip your whites into frozen eggs when you’d like to make use of them later, or use them instantly to stop spoilage. Seize a baking dish or plastic container that has a good sealing lid. 

Use a spoon to make an indentation on a ½-inch layer of salt for every yolk. Place every egg yolk in its slot. Cowl them with not less than ¼ inch of salt. Put the container within the fridge and wait 1 week. 

Lastly, dry the yolks. Gently take them out of the container, and place them on cheesecloth. Evenly wrap the fabric across the yolks after which tie off every yolk with some string. They’ll appear to be a string of candies this fashion. Cling-dry them for a few week within the fridge. They need to be agency however not powerful after they’re fully dried. Use your salt-cured yolks in a grated type on any dish that may profit from protein and tangy taste.    

Waterglassing Eggs

We have now an incredible video and article concerning the matter of water glassing eggs! Water-glassed eggs are recent eggs left in a jar of a lime resolution, additionally referred to as water glass, hydrated lime, lime water, or slaked lime. For this methodology, don’t wash the eggs and solely use recent farm ones. This ensures the bloom is left intact. 

Up to now, and to at the present time, folks used sodium silicate options to water glass eggs from their chickens. These options have been and are additionally utilized in building. Whereas some firms advocate utilizing their silicate resolution model, it’s finest to make use of food-grade pickling lime as a substitute. 

Place the unwashed eggs in a jar, being cautious to not crack them. Make an answer of lime and water at a ratio of 1 ounce of powder to 1 quart of water. Make sufficient to cowl your eggs with not less than 2 inches of liquid. Pour it over, seal the container and hold it in a cool, darkish place for wherever between 1 to 2 years. 

This retains your eggs basically “recent” for that interval. You’ll need to crack every egg right into a cup earlier than utilizing them to see whether or not they’re fertilized eggs or unfertilized eggs and that they’re good to make use of. You gained’t see a lot distinction in taste till the latter a part of the storage interval. 

Onerous Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs
Onerous-boiled eggs are short-term storage possibility. Supply: MeganMorris

Everybody is aware of about hard-cooked eggs! Use them for egg salad, egg sandwiches, and deviled eggs. This helps you retain your eggs – that is likely to be about to spoil – barely longer. Right here you should use farm eggs or store-bought. 

My favourite technique to arduous boil eggs is in an electrical stress cooker, cooking them at excessive stress for 4 minutes. You may as well do that on the stovetop by putting eggs in a pan filled with water with a wholesome sprint of salt over medium-high warmth. Permit the water and eggs to return to a boil for about 17 minutes. Then take the eggs out and soak them in ice water for about quarter-hour. Retailer them within the fridge for 1 week. 

Different Strategies

You should use up a number of eggs by making egg noodles. Do that by hand, rolling out the dough into very skinny strips with a rolling pin. Or use a hand-crank pasta maker or an electrical one. Use them immediately or hold them within the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

Freezing baked items to save lots of for vacation baking is a good way to avoid wasting time within the vacation season. Bake your most popular confection (one which requires a number of eggs) and freeze it. In the event you’re working with brownies or a cake, slice them forward of time and thaw particular person items to eat them as you want. Take the batter of the baked good and put even quantities in ice dice trays to be baked later. For each baked and unbaked batters, eat them inside 2 months. 

A technique I like to make use of up loads of eggs is to make breakfast tacos and burritos, wrap them in foil, freeze them, and eat them inside a few weeks. Each time I need to eat one, I’ll microwave it for a minute or two – till they’re sizzling. 

Regularly Requested Questions

Eggs being water glassed
Water glassing eggs is a long-term storage methodology.

Q: Are you able to protect uncooked eggs?

A: You possibly can! One of the simplest ways is by water glassing eggs.

Q: Are you able to protect eggs long-term?

A: Sure. See the oil preservation and water glassing strategies right here. 

Q: How did they protect eggs within the outdated days?

A: Water glassing, mineral oil, and salt preservation have been a number of the premiere methods. 

Q: How lengthy can eggs be saved with out refrigeration?

A: It is determined by the tactic you’ve chosen. 

Q: How do you pickle eggs for long-term storage?

A: See the pickling eggs part above. 

Q: Can you utilize olive oil to protect eggs?

A: Sure. Use the mineral oil preservation approach described above. 

Q: Are water glassing eggs protected?

A: If the method is carried out correctly, and the storage time hasn’t exceeded 2 years, you’re within the clear. 

Q: Why do farm recent eggs not need to be refrigerated?

A: They’ve a protecting coating referred to as the bloom, which inhibits unhealthy micro organism from coming into the egg’s pores, inflicting spoilage.

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