I Realized One thing New This Week. Roses Dont’ Have Thorns. What?!

I by no means assume I do know all of it and even half of “it”, no matter that’s. After listening to Gabriella Crops Podcast, Episode 31, that I realized that  “Each rose has its prickle”.  Poison wants to vary their 1988 hit single lyrics. Roses don’t have thorns, however prickles. Loopy?!! What IS a prickle and what’s a thorn, or a backbone? Are they totally different? Sure, they’re. 



Do you know a rose thorn is a prickle? I didn’t and I’ll by no means have a look at a rose the identical once more. I questioned how this associated to houseplants, after all, and I discovered a plant this weekend when visiting an area conservatory. The silk floss tree or Ceiba speciosa additionally has prickles. What are prickles? Prickles come from the dermis of the plant or the “pores and skin” of the plant. They don’t comprise any vascular tissue resembling xylem or phloem, so they’re simply eliminated. When your bouquet of roses arrives on the door, the prickles have hopefully been eliminated as a result of they are often painful, like thorns.



Many hardy crops (in Michigan) have thorns, resembling hawthorn timber, old school quince, and pyracantha or fire-thorn. I’ve a few quinces, however they’re newer cultivars and so haven’t any thorns. A plant I do have and you may additionally, is a Meyer lemon tree. It has some depraved thorns that emerge from each leaf axil. You could have came upon the arduous method, as I did. True thorns are modified branches. 




So we come to spines. These are extra acquainted to most as they’re on cacti and on some succulents resembling euphorbias. These are known as stipular spines and you’ll learn extra about these right here. The acquainted euphorbia to most could be the crown of thorns or Euphorbia milii, which ought to be known as the crown of spines. Loopy, proper? Roses have prickles, and crown of thorns have spines, botanically talking. Who knew? Spines are modified leaves and so although the crown of thorns (spines) has leaves, most crops within the cacti household don’t. (They do, they’re simply modified to turn into spines.) Ought to we name it a crown of spines any more?

Beneath are a few cacti with apparent spines. Yikes!

Did you study one thing new at this time? Did it blow your thoughts? It positive did mine once I came upon that roses have prickles, not spines. And crown of thorns ought to be a crown of spines. Loopy!

Have an ideal week, plant buddies!


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