Larkspur Flower Ideas: Rising Vibrant Annuals

There are a lot of various kinds of vegetation that produce a flower stalk that’s known as a larkspur flower, starting from perennial flowering vegetation to annual larkspur. A lot of the perennial varieties are within the genus Delphinium. The perennial delphiniums are made up of over 300 species. 

Annual larkspurs are usually within the Consolida genus, which is made up of about 40 species which are native to western Europe and the Mediterranean. These have since change into naturalized in different areas of the northern hemisphere, significantly the western United States. For readability’s sake, we are going to give attention to discussing Consolida ajacis, probably the most generally discovered larkspur flower within the wild that has change into naturalized in a lot of the US. 

The larkspur flower is available in many various colours, together with pink, purple, blue, and white flowers, though the most well-liked for the backyard are the purple flowers. Larkspur places out tall spires of star-shaped flowers and is nice for attracting pollinators to your backyard! Not solely is it good for native bees and hummingbirds, nevertheless it’s a favourite of Swallowtail butterflies as nicely. 

The host vegetation for Swallowtail butterflies to put their eggs on are dill, fennel, and parsley. Planting larkspur as a companion to those host vegetation will guarantee meals for the adults in your butterfly backyard. One plant can produce many larkspur seeds, so that you’re certain to have them in your backyard yr after yr!

They readily self-seed, entice pollinators, and are lovely besides. So what’s the catch? It’s value noting that larkspur (Consolida spp) is poisonous. For that reason, be certain to put on gloves whereas working round them. They will trigger gentle pores and skin irritation in any other case. It’s additionally value mentioning that each one elements of this plant are poisonous if ingested, particularly the seeds. 

Fast Care Information

Larkspur has a particular five-petaled flower. Supply: vijay_SRV
Frequent Identify Larkspur, rocket larkspur, uncertain knight’s spur
Scientific Identify Consolida ajacis
Household Ranunculaceae
Top & Unfold 3-4 ft tall and 12 inches unfold
Gentle Full solar to half shade
Soil Wealthy, well-drained soil
Water 1 inch of water per week
Pests & Illnesses Aphids and slugs/snails, root rot, and powdery mildew

All About Larkspur Flower

Side view of larkspur
A facet view of the trumpet-shaped larkspur flower. Supply: cotinis

Consolilda ajacis is also called larkspur, rocket larkspur, and uncertain Knight’s spur. These larkspur flowers originate in western Europe and the Mediterranean, even within the mountains of tropical Africa. Annual and delphinium varieties have a variety of flower colours. 

Excessive Mountains provides a beautiful brilliant purple flower to their resident cottage backyard. The Cloudy Skies cultivar grows a misty blue flower. Imperial larkspur has a stark white flower that may break up brighter hues. Add the larkspur flower to your backyard for splashes of blue, white, violet, and pink.  

Rocket larkspur is an annual that produces many seeds on the finish of the rising season and can must be re-seeded yr after yr. This annual larkspur is within the buttercup household and might develop as much as 4 ft tall! It produces tall spires of purple or blue flowers alongside a skinny stem coated in feathery inexperienced leaves. 

Rising larkspur flowers in your backyard will guarantee a spring bloom that will likely be accessible for all kinds of pollinators. In case you select to deadhead the flowers and maintain them nicely watered, you’ll be able to maintain larkspur flowers blooming all through the summer season. After they go to seed in late summer season, they produce seed pods that will likely be bursting with subsequent yr’s larkspur seeds!

Plant larkspur away from an space the place pets and young children could come into contact with it. Don’t let the toxicity stop you from including beautiful larkspur flowers to your gardens. In any case, there are many generally grown vegetation which are poisonous, like rhubarb (poisonous leaves), morning glories (poisonous seeds), and daffodils (all elements of the plant are poisonous, particularly the bulb). 

Caring for Larkspur Crops

Consolida ajacis flowers
Consolida ajacis flowers. Supply: Ken Y.

Rising larkspur flowers includes a little bit base data about their care necessities. As soon as these necessities are met, you’ll discover that rising larkspur is comparatively straightforward and makes a beautiful addition to any flower mattress. 

Solar and Temperature

Larkspur vegetation favor full solar however will also be reliably grown in partial shade. In case you dwell in an space with excessive warmth in the summertime, the place temperatures will be within the 90s and above for prolonged durations of time, then partial shade would be the higher choice to be able to get longer-lasting blooms. 

The perfect temperature vary for larkspur flowers is 65-75 levels Fahrenheit, however they are often reliably grown in USDA zones 1-10. Larkspur flowers are very frost tender, so plan on rising them between your final and first frost date. In areas with a brief rising season, they are often began indoors, however these vegetation put out a deep taproot and customarily don’t tolerate an excessive amount of root disturbance. Beginning them in biodegradable pots is usually a workaround for this problem and might help keep good root growth. 

Water and Humidity

Larkspur flowers don’t bloom nicely in a backyard in extraordinarily sizzling and dry situations. For that reason, you will need to present them with moist soil by watering them frequently. Many larkspur cultivars are comparatively drought tolerant and might survive with about an inch of water weekly. Nonetheless, for tall spikes filled with purple flowers, it’s finest to maintain them well-watered in instances of drought. 

Water larkspur flowers within the early morning or late afternoon. Remember to water them on the base, as wetting the foliage may cause fungal points, particularly should you dwell in a moist local weather. If you develop larkspur, as soon as it has gone to seed, you could stop watering altogether. Permit the seed pods to dry on the plant, after which rigorously gather your larkspur seeds for the subsequent yr! 


As talked about above, to get probably the most out of your larkspur flowers, they must be planted in moist soil however well-draining sufficient in order that it doesn’t change into waterlogged, as this will additionally trigger fungal points. Wild larkspur can tolerate all kinds of soil varieties, however when grown within the house backyard the place you’d prefer to get the a lot of the blooms, it’s finest to offer it with wealthy soil excessive in natural matter. 

Planting larkspur seeds in soil amended with compost will assist obtain this and assist retain moisture as nicely. Larkspur vegetation also can survive a wide range of soil pH together with barely acidic soil all the way down to a pH of 5. 

Fertilizing Larkspur Flowers

Consolida ajacis
Consolida ajacis. Supply: dmott9

Fertilizing will not be vital once you develop larkspur flowers if the backyard soil has already been amended with wealthy compost. If not, you may additionally select to high gown with compost in early spring after they start rising. This will likely be sufficient to assist the expansion of annual larkspur. That being stated, natural fertilizer can be utilized to get probably the most out of your blooms and assist assist the expansion of those tall vegetation. Earlier than planting, add an all-purpose balanced natural fertilizer like Espoma Backyard Tone to the planting website. 


Pruning will not be completely essential to correctly develop larkspur flowers. Nonetheless, the primary perk of rising larkspur flowers is having fun with the purple-blue blossoms. In early summer season, simply because the blooms open on their flower spikes, minimize flowers again and revel in them recent in a vase or dried preparations. This may encourage a second flush of flowers in late summer season. 

Propagation: Easy methods to Develop Larkspur Flowers

Probably the most dependable methodology of propagation includes planting larkspur seeds after a chilly interval of stratification. The seeds should expertise cool temperatures throughout winter to correctly germinate within the spring. Wild larkspurs undergo this course of naturally when seeds fall to the bottom in autumn, lie dormant by means of the winter, after which germinate within the early spring. 

This course of will be mimicked by putting seeds in a chilly room or fridge for two weeks earlier than spring planting. Larkspur seeds require mild to germinate. For that reason, when direct sowing within the fall, it’s a finest follow to cowl seeds with a skinny layer of damp perlite to carry them in place however nonetheless enable mild to filter by means of. 

Though larkspur is an annual, it would readily self-seed when left in place till the seed pods dry and burst. A great way to inform if the seeds are prepared to reap is to offer the dried plant a shake. The seeds will rattle contained in the pods sounding like a maraca! It has additionally been described as sounding like a rattlesnake, and brushing previous the dried plant has given me fairly the scare within the backyard! 

Troubleshooting Perennial Flowering Crops

Unopened flower
An unopened larkspur blossom. Supply: William Allen

Annual larkspur flowers make a beautiful low-maintenance addition to the backyard flower mattress, however there are a number of points that may crop up. Wild larkspur is native to areas with sizzling and dry climates, so a lot of the points are associated to overwatering and excessive humidity. 

Rising Issues

The commonest problem when rising larkspur flowers is when the seeds haven’t gone by means of the correct chilly interval. In case you’re making an attempt a spring planting of larkspur seeds, retailer them in a fridge for at the very least 2 weeks earlier than sowing. In any other case, they won’t germinate. Probably the most dependable methodology for rising the larkspur flower in your backyard, nevertheless, is sowing seeds in autumn and permitting them to stratify naturally over the winter. 


Slugs and snails can change into a problem within the backyard once you develop larkspur in humid and moist environments. Slug and snail injury will seem as giant ragged holes within the foliage. It’s possible you’ll even see a mucous path close to your blue larkspur vegetation. Slugs/snails are particularly lively in early spring earlier than different bugs have change into lively. 

A slug and snail bait comprised of iron phosphate is secure to make use of round wildlife and pets. Snail traps will also be made by burying a cup or tin of beer at floor degree. Snails and slugs are interested in it; they fall in and might’t climb again out. 

Aphids also can trigger points for larkspur flowers. The easiest way to battle aphids is to spray them off your plant with a blast of water as quickly as you see them. To stop them from returning and/or overtaking your wildflowers, create an atmosphere that features a wide range of flowering vegetation that can entice pollinators and different useful bugs. Many useful bugs like to munch on aphids, like ladybugs. In additional extreme infestations, neem oil or insecticidal soaps can do the trick.


Powdery mildew will seem as white flour-like powder on the leaves. To stop these points, at all times backside water your vegetation. Neem oil may be sprayed as a preventative measure to scale back the colonization of spores on foliage. By no means spray neem in your larkspur when it’s near peak pollinator exercise time or in situations above 90 levels Fahrenheit.

In superior instances of this mildew, it could be finest to take away and destroy contaminated plant materials to stop it from spreading to close by wholesome vegetation. After eradicating contaminated materials, spray neem oil or a copper-based fungicide spray onto the rest of the plant and close by vegetation to scale back the chance of additional unfold. 

Root rot or crown rot signs will seem as a tender mushy stem, wilting, and naturally, rotten roots. This fungus can take maintain attributable to poor draining soil and/or overwatering. One of these rot is tougher to recuperate from however will be remedied if there are nonetheless recent, white roots on the plant that haven’t but turned to mush. Reduce the rotted roots and plant them right into a pot of dry well-draining soil to spice up root growth. Let the roots fully dry out earlier than watering once more. 

Steadily Requested Questions

Larkspur flower
The larkspur flower is a ravishing sight. Supply: Males In Black

Q: Do larkspur come again yearly?

A: Most delphiniums are perennial. Nonetheless, Consolida spp. Larkspurs are annual species.

Q: Is larkspur toxic to the touch?

A: Sure, they will irritate if touched, and all elements of the plant, particularly the seeds, are extremely poisonous if consumed. Please use gloves when caring for larkspur and you should definitely plant larkspurs in an space with restricted entry to maintain them away from pets and young children. 

Q: Is delphinium the identical as larkspur?

A: Relating to these two vegetation, sure and no. The Delphinium genus can also be often known as larkspur. Nonetheless, the Consolida genus is extra also known as larkspur. They’re two separate genera, however each belong to the buttercup household. 

Q: What does the larkspur flower symbolize?

A: An open coronary heart and love. 

Q: What to do with larkspur after it blooms?

A: Permit the plant to dry and save the seeds to plant larkspurs subsequent yr. Or minimize flowers and add them to dried preparations. 

Q: What month does larkspur bloom?

A: An early bloomer begins to bloom in late spring into midsummer. 

Q: Do butterflies like larkspur?

A: Butterflies love larkspur, significantly swallowtails! 

Q: Do hummingbirds like larkspur?

A: Sure, hummingbirds additionally love larkspur!

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