Your Plant Could Be a Lusus and Generally That could be a Good Factor

I’m positive you might be questioning what a lusus is and so was I after I found this phrase immediately. You’ll have a plant that could be a lusus and generally it’s a good factor. 


A lusus is a “freak of nature”. It’s also identified within the plant world as a mutation or sport. Within the African violet world, these sports activities are a great factor. 

How It Occurs

So how does this lusus or freak of nature occur? It could be a fluke, however some breeders use chemical substances, environmental modifications, or different strategies to aim to trigger a plant to mutate, as a result of these mutations are wanted by collectors. 

African violets

Under is an African violet known as ‘Magazine’s Standing Ovation’ and my good friend Marge Farrand hybridized this plant. She makes probably the most lovely vegetation as you may see and she or he entered this plant within the Ohio African Violet Present. To register a plant you’ve hybridized with the American African Violet Society, the plant traits should be secure, which means it should present the identical traits via three generations.

Three Generations?

When Marge hybridized this plant by crossing two different vegetation with fascinating traits, she got here up with this magnificence. As she grew this plant, she realized it was a plant that might be registered with the AVSA. She needed to develop the plant, take a leaf or within the case of a chimera, a sucker, and develop that plant till it flowered to see if it stored its traits. Then she must propagate that plant, watch for it to flower and see if the second technology appeared the identical. This course of was repeated yet one more time to verify the traits of the unique plant stayed secure via three generations. This clearly takes time. Then it was registered with the AVSA.


When rising a plant and also you discover a leaf or flower is completely different than the dad or mum plant, it could be a lusus or freak of nature, additionally known as a mutation or sport. The plant beneath is a “sport” of Marge’s plant above. It’s named ‘Sport of Magazine’s Standing Ovation’. This plant is completely different than the one above in that it doesn’t have stripes within the flower petals. It’s a “sport” of the plant above. They’re related, however the purple stripes are gone and so it has completely different traits.

Secure Traits

To have the ability to register that sport plant, it’s essential to do the identical factor. Begin a brand new plant, let it develop to the blooming stage, and observe if it’s the similar. Then repeat that course of 2 extra occasions to verify the traits keep the identical. Typically these sports activities are because it says, a fluke of nature, and will revert to the unique kind. On this case, it was secure and registered as a brand new violet named ‘Sport of Magazine’s Standing Ovation’.

These two vegetation are each equally lovely and but completely different sufficient to be registered as such. Marge has hybridized two fantastic vegetation and they’re beauties. 

Have an ideal week, plant associates!



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