Why Do Plant Corporations Put Glued Rocks on Prime of Vegetation?

What number of of you’ve got purchased crops which have pebbles glued on prime of the soil? It’s form of annoying, to say the least. Why do plant corporations put glued rocks on prime of the crops, anyway?  It’s finished for ease of transport so the soil stays put, and the plant stays upright. So as to add insult to damage, the containers don’t at all times have a drainage gap so there isn’t any water leakage throughout transport. I lately purchased a Pachira or cash tree because it was 1/2 off -I couldn’t cross it up regardless that it had the glued rocks and no drainage gap. I knew I may repair it.

Watering Questions

The query is how would you already know your plant wants water? You definitely can’t stick your finger within the soil to test for the plant’s water wants. Or how would you already know if it has an excessive amount of? You possibly can’t look contained in the pot and there received’t be any water operating out the drainage gap, as there isn’t one. 

Fixing the Downside

So, the place to start? First, I chiseled the plant out of its pot. Utilizing a knife I rigorously pried the pot away from the glued rocks so I may get the plant out. As you possibly can see above, the stones are nonetheless intact on prime of the foundation ball and across the stem. This was a plastic pot contained in a cachepot. If the plant is potted immediately right into a ceramic pot, be extraordinarily cautious when making an attempt to pry it out because the pot may simply break. (I communicate from expertise.)

Extra Issues Below the Rocks

After eradicating the stones, I noticed how a lot soil was up across the stems.  After eradicating the superfluous soil, I then discovered a tie across the stems. Once they braid the stems of the tiny crops collectively, they should be tied to remain and develop that manner. I perceive that could be mandatory, however as you possibly can see within the footage under, the tie was slicing into the stem. I’m unsure how lengthy it will have been earlier than this tie girdled the tree and killed it. Would we predict the plant simply died, or assume we had finished one thing flawed? Most likely. When all alongside, it was being slowly strangled. Had I not eliminated the rocks and the soil that had been too excessive on the stems, I might by no means have know the tie was there, slowly killing my plant. After I eliminated the rocks and soil and lower the tie, I feel I heard the plant give a sigh of aid. 

As you possibly can see within the footage above, this plant already has harm from the too tight twist tie, however I obtained it off in time and it will likely be high quality. If I hadn’t eliminated it although, it will have finally girdled the plant, slicing off the water provide so it couldn’t rise up into the plant. 

Drainage Gap

Lastly, I drilled a gap within the cachepot it got here in, added new soil, and replanted it immediately into the pot. I do know it will be a a lot more healthy plant!

For those who see a plant with glued rocks and actually need it, it isn’t a horrible job to get the glued rocks off and re-pot the plant so long as you’re cautious. You could simply be saving the plant’s life!

Have an awesome week, plant associates!

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