Alsobia dianthiflora and The way to Take care of It

This little white fringed flower is so endearing and it belongs to the Alsobia dianthiflora or lace flower. Let’s speak about this easy-to-grow flowering houseplant and methods to take care of it. 

alsobia dianthaflora

This fringed flower is so endearing

I believe mine above is the cultivar Alsobia dianthiflora ‘Cygnet’, a cross between A. dianthiflora and A. punctata. One other cultivar chances are you’ll discover is ‘San Miguel’, which has extra outstanding purple spots. Alsobia was within the genus Episcia, however was modified to Alsobia and the species identify dianthiflora means “resembles dianthus”, which is you could have grown dianthus, you realize in addition they have fringed flowers, like mine under.


That is my dianthus, which doesn’t have extraordinarily fringed petals, however there are species and hybrids with loopy fringed petals

Gesneriad member of the family

The alsobia plant is a cousin to the African violet and it’s obvious while you see its fuzzy, scalloped leaves. Although the leaves are related, the lengthy stolons it sends out, should not.

Alsobia 'Cygnet'

Alsobia ‘Cygnet’ flowers with purple spots

Stoloniferous plant

The lengthy runners or stolons the plant sends out are one of many means it makes use of to breed itself. After all, as a flowering plant, it additionally produces seeds. The skinny, pink to burgundy runners creep alongside the bottom attaching themselves with small plantlets, changing into a floor cowl of their pure habitat of Mexico, Central, and components of northern South America. 

Dwelling Care

Alsobias are simple to take care of and can flower reliably when cared for appropriately. This care consists of not permitting them to dry out fully, good porous potting medium, and the precise mild. This plant may very well be cultivated along with your different gesneriads, akin to African violets, episcias, and columneas, whether or not you might be rising them in your home windows or below lights.


This one is rising below LED lights which might be on for about 8 hours per day. As a result of the stolons hold down fairly far, I didn’t know the plant was flowering till I moved it to water one other plant. The stolons that had been nearer to the sunshine have flowers and I ought to have been turning the plant so it acquired constant mild all the way in which round. Aren’t the flowers cute? I develop it on a small stand so the stolons can hold down. This could make an ideal hanging basket plant, which is commonly how it’s discovered to buy. I discovered this small potted one at Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor, Michigan of their reward store. I’m all the time on the lookout for the bizarre plant to buy. 


This plant has dried out and it has been forgiving, however I’ve needed to take away some yellow leaves. There are all the time penalties to inconsistent care. The leaves are fairly plump, just like the African violet, in order that they retailer a little bit of water.  It’s higher to maintain it evenly moist, however not standing in water both. As with every blooming plant, that’s extra vital when it’s flowering so the flowers last more.

alsobia flower

The flower is white with purple spots


I haven’t discovered that this plant wants additional humidity, however mine is rising on a plant stand with many different vegetation, so the humidity is of course increased. You possibly can actually place it on a pebble tray should you discover it wants additional humidity. How would you realize? The leaf or flower edges may change into a bit brown. 

Alsobia dianthaflora foliage

The foliage is fuzzy like an African violet and the little plantlets develop on the stolons


This gesneriad is simple to propagate and there are a few methods. The stolons with the small plantlets might be positioned in a pot of moist potting soil subsequent to the mum or dad plant, leaving it connected to the mom plant. When the small plantlet sends out roots and begins to develop, it may well then be lower from the mom plant. This enables the small plant to obtain its power from the bigger plant till it has its personal roots to take up water and vitamins. Or the small vegetation might be lower away from the mum or dad plant, positioned on a pot of moist potting medium, and lined with a plastic bag or cloche. The humidity will likely be saved up with the protecting so giving it a greater likelihood of rooting. 

I hope you discover one in all these lovable vegetation for your self. They’re simple to develop and the small flowers are so pretty, particularly should you like purple polka dots!

Have an incredible week, plant buddies! 



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